Chris Johnson, Ph.D.

Adobe Connect Help for Faculty

As of August, 2015, the University of Arizona began using Adobe Connect as our online meeting tool. The following resources are designed to help you set up your meeting space, moderate a class meeting or office hours, set up group meetings and review meeting recordings.

Creative Commons License
These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Actually, you don't need to attribute them to me, I just couldn't find that Creative Commons License.

The sections below contain videos that I have created to help you use Connect. The videos are done on a Macintosh because I have better screen capturing on my Mac than I do for Windows. So the videos may look slightly different if you are working in Windows, the steps are the same.

If you find any errors or have suggestions for improving these videos, please let me know at

* Coming Decmber/January