Chris Johnson, Ph.D.
Program Level Learning Outcomes

The Masters in Educational Technology Degree and Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology prepare graduates to implement the innovative use of digital tools to enhance learning in the fields of K-20 education; instructional design; and military and corporate training. The following Program Standards guide the instruction in the program.

The following five (5) standards, expressed as Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs) guide all courses and course projects in this Program.

ELO 1 - Content Knowledge: Candidates demonstrate the knowledge necessary to create, use, assess, and manage theoretical and practical applications of educational technologies and processes.

ELO 2 - Content Pedagogy: Candidates develop as reflective practitioners able to demonstrate effective implementation of educational technologies and processes based on contemporary content and pedagogy.

ELO 3 - Learning Environments: Candidates facilitate learning by creating, using, evaluating, and managing effective learning environments.

ELO 4 - Professional Knowledge and Skills: Candidates design, develop, implement, and evaluate technology-rich learning environments within a supportive community of practice.

ELO 5 – Research: Candidates explore, evaluate, synthesize, and apply methods of inquiry to enhance learning and improve performance.

The ETCV Program's Expected Learning Outcomes have been adopted from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology's AECT Standards for Professional Education Programs (2012 version).

We will be revising these outcomes in the spring of 2016. Students will be informed of this change and what impact, if any, this will have on your graduation.