Chris Johnson, Ph.D.


Doctor of Philosophy [1987], Secondary Education, University of Arizona
Masters of Education  [1978], Educational Media, University of Arizona
Bachelor of Arts [1976], Secondary Education—Social Studies, University of Arizona

I have had the pleasure of having all of my education at the University of Arizona. After finding out that classroom teaching might not be what I wanted (bad student teaching experience) I did what many graduating seniors do. I got a Masters.

But not just any masters, I have an M. Ed. in Ed. M. (say it out loud). This was in the slide/movie projector, film strip, memeo machines, and the new educational innovation, the VCR.

But the degree got me a job in the University's PLATO lab which launched me into programming and computer-assisted instruction.

While working at the PLATO lab, I continued to take courses and finally my undergraduate advisor, Dr. Don Clark, said, "You know, you have enough credits for a Ph.D., have you ever thought of working on one?"

That simple statement, and the mentor-ship of Don, led me to my Ph.D. in 1987. I was the first to do my qualifying exam on an IBM PC, and had to show the department how keep me from cheating. Keeping with my personality I then did my proposal meeting on Halloween and my dissertation defense on April Fools Day. The rest is history.